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Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Cypionate Steroid, Buy Testosterone Cypionate Online

Testosterone Cypionate - 5 Amps x 1 ml

Testosterone Cypionate - 5 Amps x 1 ml

Package: 5 Amps x 1 ml [200mg/ml]. Total 1000 mg

Usage: Injectable

This preparation is applied for hormone replacement therapy and for enhancement of muscle mass, quick recovery from injuries and gains in energy.

Brandnames: Testosterona C

Generics: Testosterone Cypionate

Produced by: Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Price:  $30.00
Buy Testosterone Cypionate Online. Drugs. More DetailsBuy Steroid Testosterone Cypionate - 5 Amps x 1 ml Online. Add cart
Testosterone Cypionate - 10 Amps x 1 ml

Testosterone Cypionate - 10 Amps x 1 ml

Package: 10 Amps x 1 ml [200mg/ml]. Total 2000 mg

Usage: Injectable

This medication is used for hormone replacement therapy and for enhancement of muscle mass, rapid recovery from injuries and gains in stamina.

Brandnames: Testosterona C

Generics: Testosterone Cypionate

Produced by: Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Price:  $49.00
Buy Testosterone Cypionate Online. Drugs. More DetailsBuy Steroid Testosterone Cypionate - 10 Amps x 1 ml Online. Add cart
Testanox C (Testosterone Cypionate) 1 bottle x 10 ml

Testanox C (Testosterone Cypionate) 1 bottle x 10 ml

Package: 1 bottle x 10 ml [200mg/1ml]

Usage: Injectable

While persons that have reduced testosterone production take Testanox C (Testosterone Cypionate) for hormone replacement therapy, sportspeople use it in order to enhance muscle size and endurance.

Produced by: Flor Medico Labs (Portugal)

Price:  $98.00
Buy Testosterone Cypionate Online. Drugs. More DetailsNOT IN STOCK!

Testosterone Cypionate, Buy Testosterone Cypionate Online

Brand name: Depo-Testosterone.
Generic name: Testosterone Cypionate.
Active ingredient: Testosterone.

Testosterone is a hormone which belongs to the androgen group. Although it presents in bodies of women as well, this hormone is considered to be a male steroid hormone. It is secreted in an adult male body over 10 times more than in an adult female body. This hormone is responsible for development of such characteristics in men, as enhanced muscles, bone mass, deepening of voice and increase of libido. Knowledge about the properties of this naturally occurring hormone can help you to understand effects of testosterone esters.
As for Testosterone Cypionate, it is the only long-acting testosterone ester that is acting in the body for long period of time.

Clinical usage of Testosterone Cypionate
Testosterone Cypionate is used medically in various cases. Initial application of this product is directly connected with hypogonadism. This steroid is recommended for men whose natural testosterone secretion is suppressed and the levels of this hormone are reduced properly. Usage of this medicine for hormone replacement therapy according to prescriptions of physicians is a legal application of Testosterone Cypionate. This medication promotes keeping levels of testosterone on required range. So, this preparation is recommended in cases related to reduced testosterone production.
It is also given to individuals that suffer from HIV and AIDS to prevent muscle wasting in them. Delayed puberty and impotence are other conditions, when administration of this drug may be required.
It can be also used by women with breast cancer that has been spread to other parts of body.

Testosterone Cypionate for athletic needs
This product is a powerful androgenic and anabolic steroid. It induces enhancing muscle mass and stamina. Since it influences positively on retention of nitrogen which is an element of protein synthesis, it has capacity to increase muscles which are turned from protein. Thus, gaining of muscle mass due to usage of this medicine may be explained in a simple way.
This medicine increases levels of red blood cells. When production of red blood cells is enhanced, the blood circulation has become improved and oxygen is transported to all parts of the body successfully. It causes strength in consumers of this medicine.

Dosage of Testosterone Cypionate
As for quantity of this product for medical needs, it is likely to be free of danger because it is prescribed and regulated by physicians. As it is known, physicians evaluate patients and submit them to several tests before and during intake of Testosterone Cypionate. Thus, the initially prescribed dose can be changed in several cases according to instructions of specialists.
The dosage of Testosterone Cypionate for hormone replacement therapy in hypogonadal men ranges from 50 to 400 mg each two or four weeks.
As a regular, bodybuilders and other sportspersons determine doses of Testosterone Cypionate or another steroid personally. That's why they have to be careful and study needed information before intake of performance-enhancing drugs. It is a good idea to find out what other consumers report about dosages administrated by them.
The usual recommended quantity of this drug for athletic needs ranges from 250 to 500 mg weekly. Cycles with this preparation usually last about 10 weeks.
Although several progressive bodybuilders use up to 1000 mg of this medication weekly, this dosage is not safe. Especially, if you are not an experienced consumer of steroids, avoid such increased measures. The high dose can lead to dangerous side effects.
Since Testosterone Cypionate is a long-acting medication, it is enough to inject it once per week. This product achieves its peaks in the blood vessels within 24-48 hours after administration. Then it loses its effectiveness slowly. The steady state of this medicine is achieved in the 3rd week after the first injection.

Testosterone Cypionate injection
This preparation is available only in injectable form. The injections are applied deeply in gluteal muscles. These are three muscles that make up the buttocks.
It is banned to inject Testosterone Cypionate intravenously.

Side effects of Testosterone Cypionate
Adverse reactions of this drug can be connected with different systems of your body. Firstly, if you have never administrated this medicine before, try to observe responses of your body to it. Allergic reactions can appear in some consumers of this product. They can include such symptoms, as itching, hives, swellings of lips, face or tongue, skin rash and other signs.
Dangerous unwanted symptoms of this preparation are enumerated below:
- troubles of musculoskeletal system: bone pains, muscle twitching;
- problems of digestive system: low appetite, vomiting, stomach aches, nausea, yellowing of the skin and eyes;
- dysfunctions of reproductive system: prolonged and increased penile erections;
- memory problems, enhanced urination, unusual swelling, rapid weight gain.

If women apply this product, they may suffer from such virilizing effects, as hair loss, growth of hair on body and face, enlargement of clitoris, deepening of voice, acne, menstrual irregularities, low or enhanced sex drive. Females have to know that if they use this medication prolonged period of time, these reactions are irreversible.
Other side symptoms of this drug that are claimed to be not very severe include depression, headaches and pains on injection site.
Consumers may also experience other unexpected effects of this drug that are not written here.

Cycles with Testosterone Cypionate
Testosterone Cypionate, a strong androgenic steroid, is usually stacked with other milder substances. Primobolan, Deca Durabolin and Equipose are some medications which can be administrated together with Testosterone Cypionate for athletic needs. Cycles with Testosterone Cypionate usually last up to 10-12 weeks. Never forget that you must have a PCT after the cycle with this medication. You may administrate HCG and Novaldex as a part of your PCT. If you don't have a PCT, you will lose muscle mass gained during your cycle. Furthermore, drugs which are recommended for PCT help to restore natural secretion of hormones.

Talk to your health care provider before administrating Testosterone Cypionate, if you have bleeding or blood clotting troubles, any type of cancer, increased levels of cholesterol, liver, kidney or heart dysfunctions.
If you use this medicine, inform your physician in case you have to be operated. Your dentist must be also said about usage of this product before a dental therapy.

It is not permitted to use this medication during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
Infants must not be cured with Testosterone Cypionate because they may experience severe and even life-threatening unexpected symptoms.
This product is also contraindicated for males with breast or prostate cancer.

Drug interaction
Testosterone Cypionate can interact with Coumadin, insulin, oral medicines taken in case of diabetes and such steroid drugs, as methylprednisolone and prednisone.
Testosterone Cypionate can also interact with other medicines which are not mentioned above. Before taking Testosterone Cypionate consult your doctor for advice about interaction of it with other drugs.
If you submit to any tests during intake of this medicine, you must tell your lab personnel that you take it. Testosterone Cypionate can affect some lab tests.

Depo-Testosterone is the brand name of Testosterone Cypionate. It is getable in 2 various strengths: 100 mg of Testosterone Cypionate per 1 ml and 200 mg per 1 ml.

Specific recommendations
It is indicated to check levels of hemoglobin and hematocrit, if Testosterone Cypionate is used for prolonged period of time.

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